Common issues

Below ae common problems that are usually a easy fix; however, we do not recommend anyone try to fix the problem themselves. Extreme harm can come towards the person or generator, it is better to call and set up an appointment with us or another generator mechanic.


  • The generator does not turn over or attempt to start.
  1. Battery is not connected or has no charge 
  2. Charger is not working
  3. Blown fuse
  4. Bad control board
  • The generator turns over, but fails to start
  1. The generator has no fuel
  2. The fuel valve is turned off
  3. Low gas or oil pressure
  4. Not enough air available
  5. The spark plugs are not creating spark
  • The generator starts, but immediately shuts down
  1. Loss of AC (alternating current) output
  2. Low or no oil pressure
  3. High engine temperature
  4. Overloaded, meaning the generator cannot produce enough power for the load it is under
  5. Low RPM (rotations per minute)